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Current State of Affairs of Project 63

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Skoolie Update!


While we're excited to get going on this journey of a lifetime, we've still got some work to do on Base Camp (our skoolie conversion). The good news is that we're in the home stretch!

Many of our big projects are completed such as the roof raise, spray foam insulation, installing the RV windows, refinishing the hard wood floors, tiling the bathroom floor, and building the roof top deck.

We recently took on the daunting task of painting the exterior of the bus. Boy, was that a chore! Matthew and I both came out with some gnarly sunburns from the long days and looked like we had been dusted with powdered sugar from the over spray.

Currently, the bus is all white. In the near future we will be adding a mountain range on one side and a map of our travels on the other side to give Base Camp some character. The plan is to update our map as we go by adding new pinpoints with each National Park stop. We hope this becomes a fun way to update onlookers and keep you posted.

Plumbing and electrical are both nearly done, which is great! Neither of us are electricians or plumbers, so these tasks have been full of re-dos mixed with the occasional breakthrough. However, our lights do turn on!

Gone are the days of setting up garage lights while working in the cool of the night!

One task that we have been avoiding for awhile now is the shower... Since it is a custom space, we aren't able to buy a premade shower pan. That only adds, say, three more steps?

We've opted to use real tile and have a rock floor to make Base Camp feel as homey as possible. When we do get around to it, this is going to be the best skoolie shower you've ever seen!

I personally am most excited for, and what most skoolie builders are excited for, is the finishing touches. Adding the couch cushions, putting on those gorgeous oil-rubbed bronze cabinet door handles, installing the light fixtures, organizing the pantry...

That's not the case for Matthew though. For him, building the custom cabinets and all the fancy wood work is what he's looking forward to. And, to be honest, I do love helping him with that as well. Which is a good thing since there's a lot of that left to do! We got his first taste of this when we made the bathroom vanity, which turned out amazingly. There's still the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and few other miscellaneous cabinets to go.

Our goal is to be on the road by the start of September this year. There's more to getting "trip ready" than simply finishing the skoolie conversion. We have to figure out where we're going.

While we love being spontaneous, we want to give you the best content and see the parks in their prime season, so we have to be smart about our travels.

If we meet our goal of being road ready in September, then we'll be making our way down the coast to Redwood National Park for our first stop.

Hopefully we can make that happen! It is taking us lots of all-nighters, rewriting of check lists, return trips to Lowe's, and Band-Aids.

Stay connected for more updates!

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